Ain’t Your Usual New Year Resolutions

When it comes to new year people tend to write their goals and resolutions. I did mine three days ago. I was less exciting compared to the time when I wrote my 2016 resolutions tho, perhaps because of the thesis I need to finish as soon as possible (yikes).

I was at home, eating instant noodles while watching Daddy Day Care when this thought suddenly came (back) into my mind : How am I going to spend 365 days and more ahead at home? This thought may sounds weird. I even resist myself to use the word ‘spend’ rather than ‘survive’. Its not like I don’t like being home tho.

When I was in high school, I lived in dormitory for three years. I only went back home twice a year, maximum a month/each. I went to university in another city, so I lived in a kost for three and a half year. The term break would be 2 months maximum, so four months in a year. Its just weird to imagine myself staying at home, doing my regular activities and all, all year.

For the past 3,5 years, for me, home is a place where you could get lazy all day without worrying anything. I don’t think it would be valid now. I’m still at my last semester of studies, but I have decided to write my thesis from home (which I think I have started to regret it, how am I gonna fight all the ‘home gravity’?!?).

Living with my family is both a luxury and a challenge. During the time when I didn’t live at home, I learned that being away from your precious ones makes you more grateful to have them and appreciate your time together when you get to meet them. I’m afraid due to loudness in my house, I won’t be much as grateful as I am until now (I haven’t even moved officially from kos-an to home).

I think I need to add two more resolutions this year.

To live at home lively and comfortably.

To always be grateful having to your loved ones next door. 


This writing might not fully explain whats actually running inside my head, but at the very least I managed to get some of it out (yass!).

Anyway, 2017 lets the adventure begins!


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